Thank you from your winner – Gina!

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Let me start off with the important stuff, my thanks.

To all the students who participated and asked creative, hilarious and thought-provoking questions – THANK YOU so much for making this event such a fun and wonderful experience. I really enjoyed talking to all of you and reading your thoughts and opinions. I hope you were able to gain insight into what a rewarding career engineering is and consider pursuing it in the future. You were all brilliant. You heard me, brilliant!

Thank you to the moderators for being such good hosts and organisers for this event. Finally, thank you to my fellow engineers Yetty, Laura, Tom, Jack and Chris. You have been marvellous companions on this outreach programme, I’ve learnt a great deal from all of you.

Participating in I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here was a total blast! The live-chats were INCREDIBLY exciting and became the best part of my day. I learned quickly to make sure that I had a cup of coffee and stretch out my typing muscles beforehand, because as soon as the students were online, the questions poured in fast and furious. This has been a brilliant and effective outreach event, as I was are able to interact with classes of 30 students nationwide, and all at the comfort of my desk! And although I was addressing so many people, I did feel that I still had great one-on-ones with some students and made a genuine connection.

This event has also made a difference to my own perspective. When you do your job every day, it’s easy to forget how unique and exciting your work is. The students’ enthusiasm about engineering has refuelled my own and has helped rejuvenate my pride in being an engineer.

Thank you again to all the students, mods and fellow engineers involved!

Love, Gina.

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